The buzz around the 2019 Mazda3 has heavily focused on its new SkyActiv-X engine. That's hardly surprising given its potential to change the internal combustion engine. But there are a number of other details that ignite excitement for Mazda's future compact sedan, and one of which was just revealed in a set of leaked images.

In the leaked images of what is reportedly a Mazda3's digital instrument cluster, we can see how Mazda is going to implement its version in two apparent configurations. The first is similar to the current static cluster: there is a big circular tachometer in the middle with the speed in the center. On the left side lives the gear and temp indicator while the right side houses the fuel capacity, range and a clock.

The second configuration is more modern, with the speedometer and tachometer split into two incomplete circles (for stylistic reasons). At the bottom lives the temp, fuel capacity, range and gear. The middle will be occupied by what looks to be a customizable space for things like navigation directions and other important information.

We're not entirely sure if the two configurations will be swappable or if it's some sort of test version until Mazda decides on a specific format.

Overall, we're fans of the change. Mazda made sure to keep the same spirit of its uber simple instrument cluster while going digital. This is usually challenging for car makers as they can't help but include all kinds of useless information with the extra room.