Mazda this week took the stage at the New York International Auto Show and unveiled an updated 2019 CX-3. The CX-3 is Mazda's subcompact crossover that's nestled in a prime spot for one of the most popular car segments right now.

First introduced at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show, the CX-3 is still fairly new in its life cycle. Therefore the update for the 2019 doesn't see any major changes unlike some of the other announcements coming through at the show. The exterior styling is staying the same with the interior seeing most of the changes.

Mazda is adding a new electric hand brake, doing away with the manual version that's slowly being eradicated from most new cars, as well as redesigned seats. There is now an available option for full-leather seating surfaces that will deliver a much more comfortable position. 

The other major change was to the SkyActiv-G 2.0 engine that's smoother and more efficient. Nothing changed with the specifications. It will still deliver the familiar 146 horsepower and 146 pound-feet of torque.

Mazda did not get into any details about the 2019 CX-3's availability or pricing, nor did it reveal if it would come equipped with CarPlay – a feature long missing from Mazda's line-up.

In addition to the CX-3 announcement, Mazda also displayed the KAI concept and the SkyActiv-X engine. These are some of Mazda's "pioneer" products that will be implemented in future cars.