Yahoo Turning into Google: File photo of Marissa Mayer posing at Google's Mountain View, California headquarters

As new Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer’s first order of business seems to be transforming the company’s work culture into Google’s.

Her previous employer has a rep for spoiling its staffers with amenities, and since Mayer became CEO two weeks ago, reports have come in about office redesigns (to encourage cool and collaborative workspaces at the Sunnyvale, CA, HQ), Friday “all hands” meetings and even free lunches in the company’s URLs Cafe. Yep, just like at Google’s Mountain View campus.

While these may not seem like much, any business exec worth his or her salt knows that the key to performance is employee happiness, something which has been in short supply at Yahoo. The layoffs, embarrassing management woes and dismal business prospects would be enough to send any company’s morale right into the dumper, so it seems Mayer wants to head that off right away. And the staffers are thrilled, particularly with the free grub. (Who wouldn’t be?)

But of course, Mayer’s not done yet. Her next move will be to roll up her sleeves and dig into the company’s product lineup, which is actually her forte. That means it shouldn’t be too long before changes emerge across service offerings, from Flickr to search.

Think the new CEO has what it takes to breath new life into Yahoo? Or do you think its decline is inevitable, no matter what changes Mayer institutes? Tell us if you believe in a Yahoo comeback or not, and what you would do to return the company to its former glory.

[via AllThingsD]