Last Tuesday, Maxis held a special broadcast for their currently in development Sims games. Among the roster of projects featured was the upcoming SimCity currently set to launch in 2013.

Over the weekend, Maxis elected to put the SimCity portion of the live demo up on their YouTube channel for the rest of the world to enjoy. The team took a series of questions and showed off nearly 20 minutes of live, in-game footage. Dig into that above.

Part of the demo even sported the natural disasters aspect of the brand new game. At the base of this post, you’ll find four screenshots of said disasters. These were not a part of the broadcast, but we figured we’d toss them into this post for some extra goodness.

Currently planned for next February, SimCity will launch from Maxis and EA for both the PC and Mac platforms. It will require Origin and an Always-On connection, two things that are personally giving me pause about picking the game up.

What about you folks? Are you looking forward to the new SimCity?