It was bound to happen again. We’ve had antenna-gate, bend-date, and now paint-gate? It seems so. Matte Black iPhone 7 users have taken to forums complaining about issues with their new phones, mainly that the black paint has been chipping and peeling.

One of the reasons Apple and many other manufacturers went through the big aluminum gray phase was its durability. Slapping on a coat of paint makes the phone look nicer, but its susceptible to more wear and tear, like random chipping.

Some users have noted the device exhibits chipping even with their iPhone in a case, which is not too comforting for current Matte Black iPhone customers.

The main areas users are seeing the issues are around the volume buttons, speakers and on the back of the phone. There’s really not much you can do to prevent this other than putting the phone in a case and taking extra care. It should be noted that cosmetic damage isn’t covered under Apple’s warranty, so if this issue does happen to you, tough luck.

I wouldn’t stress too much though. There are always a few rogue devices that don’t stand up to general use. My wife and a few of the other TechnoBuffalo members have Matte Black versions of the iPhone 7 and none have experienced any sort of chipping or peeling. Take that for what it’s worth.

Not the first time Apple has gone through paint-gate

You might remember Apple went through a similar issue with the iPhone 5 back when it was launched. This was the first time Apple slapped a coat of paint on anodized aluminum and it went through some growing pains. There were also many user complaints of chipping, peeling and scuffing on the chamfered edges. This led to Apple adopting the Space Gray color option as the defacto “black” iPhone until reintroducing the color with the iPhone 7.