Huawei plans to bring its latest flagship, the Mate 10, to the United States in 2018 with a big-budget advertising campaign leading the charge. After launching the phone back in October, the Chinese company finally appears to have a plan in place for a strong release in one of the most competitive markets. The Mate 10 should be available exclusively through AT&T, and the carrier will offer its own resources to generate interest in the phone.

Now we’re getting a better idea of what Huawei and its partner are thinking.

Huawei and AT&T, according to The Information, will begin selling the Mate 10 in February. But it’s not just going to be a simple release in which Huawei provides the carrier with units and backs away. AT&T’s involvement in the ad campaign is unknown, but there’s reportedly $100 million being committed to promoting the Mate 10.

Verizon, too, could become a partner to sell the phone. Huawei is engaged in negotiations with the nation’s largest carrier to ensure its flagship gets proper distribution. Unless you’re a tech-savvy individual, you probably don’t shop online for a new phone or even know Huawei. That’s why having AT&T and potentially adding Verizon is important for the Mate 10 to gain traction for the brand.

Any number of partners won’t solve the complex software on Huawei’s phones. EMUI, its software overlay, looks a lot different from Android and tries mocking iOS in some areas. The average consumer would likely have trouble using the Mate 10 unless Huawei simplifies the user interface.

Certainly, a big-budget ad campaign will help earn the Mate 10 visibility. If Huawei didn’t bother to promote the phone online and on television, most consumers would go about never knowing it existed. Leading up to the phone’s U.S. release, Huawei is actually running ads on the radio teasing something is coming. It highlights the fact Huawei is unknown in the U.S. but makes compelling products.

We’ll be learning more about Huawei and AT&T’s plans for the Mate 10 at CES 2018, so stick with TechnoBuffalo for live coverage from Las Vegas.