Huawei’s Mate 10 launches on October 16 in Germany, and lately the company’s been posting teasers on social media. It was just last week when we learned the phone isn’t a phone even though it is a phone. The hype-building by Huawei touts the Mate 10 as being this high-end “intelligent machine” that learns your behavior for human-like interaction. What Huawei is getting at is artificial intelligence will be very important for its next flagship.

The latest teaser is more traditional. Huawei posted an animated shot of a city’s skyline as the sun sets while showing a battery icon filling up. It gives us full confirmation of the Mate 10’s battery size.

Here’s the teaser from Twitter:

The Mate 10, according to the tweet, will have a 4000mAh battery to keep it going throughout an entire day. Based on your usage, it could even be possible to stretch a single charge across two days. That’s because the Mate 10 will ship with in-house processor. Designing the processor allows Huawei to optimize performance and efficiency. And Huawei will certainly explain the technology for the Mate 10’s battery when the phone launches later in the month.

Last year’s Mate 9 also shipped with a 4000mAh battery that was applauded for its longevity, so Huawei is keeping of the best qualities for the 2017 model.

We’ll continue keeping an eye on the Mate 10 and its two siblings as the launch nears.