After a successful pilot program, MasterCard says it wants to bring "selfie pay" security checks to more countries later this year. The technology works exactly as you'd expect: In order to authenticate a payment on your phone, simply hold your device up to your face.

Of course, it's not quite so simple. MasterCard says there are a number of safeguards in place so it's not fooled by a picture or video. For example, users will need to blink to prove they're not trying to fool the software. MasterCard claims its algorithms are good enough to know the difference between an actual person and a phony.

Beyond facial recognition, MasterCard is apparently looking at other possible biometric options. As if fingerprint authentication wasn't good enough, the company is apparently investigating heartbeat recognition.

Everything will take place inside of MasterCard's own Identity Check app, which is designed to streamline the verification process of mobile payments. More than 14 countries will get "selfie pay" this summer, with a wider rollout likely to follow.