Python is a simple, versatile language perfect for coding beginners trying to establish a fundamental understanding of programming. The Machine Learning with Python Course and E-Book Bundle is currently available from TechnoBuffalo for just $49, and includes everything you need to know to master Python (even vets can pick up a new trick or two).

The Master Machine Learning With Python bundle includes four e-books and five courses designed to help you master Python.  You'll work with data mining, neutral networks, and deep learning tools like TensorFlow and even get into advanced Python applications, like machine learning and data science.

Best of all, Python's inherent versatility means that once you're comfortable with the language, you've established a solid foundation for yourself as a career programmer.

Normally, the Machine Learning with Python Course and E-Book Bundle runs for $649, but TechnoBuffalo is offering a special 92% off discount – get it now for $49.