Python is one of the most versatile, in-demand, and powerful general-purpose programming languages around. And for those who are either interested in breaking into the fast-paced world of development or simply want to add another programming language to their tool belt, the Complete Python Programming Bundle is the perfect place to start.

Even if you're a programming newbie who has never written a line of code, this comprehensive bundle will arm you with the skills you need to build powerful apps, games, and scripts.

With "Python Programming for Beginners" you'll understand the Python installation process and learn about variables, loops, & statements. Then, with "Learn Python Django from Scratch", you'll go on to create your own sophisticated website from scratch and incorporate an authentication system, ecommerce with PayPal and Stripe, geolocation, map integration, web services, and more. And five other Python courses included in the bundle will round out your education so you can become an employable Python guru in no time.

This bundle usually costs a whopping $1176, but you can grab it for a limited time for just $79–over 90% off.