The San Jose Mercury News on Friday provided a massive gallery of Apple’s planned spaceship campus in Cupertino, which is slated for completion in the next few years. We’ve seen some renderings and concepts of what the circular alien building will look like when it’s finished, but nothing quite as detailed as the scale model Mercury News saw; it looks like its own sustainable city, complete with fitness and wellness centers and more than enough space for R&D.

The scale model is actually at the site Apple plans to build; the company needs to get final approval from the Cupertino City Council, set to take place Oct. 15, before the first groundbreaking. From the looks of it—and the incredibly high budget the project is demanding—Apple has a clear vision for the campus Steve Jobs outlined on numerous occasions. The hula-hoop campus will have theaters, underground parking lots and plenty of outbuildings for top secret work. Naturally, all of them will be outfitted with solar panels, meaning the entire mini-city will be very energy efficient.

To see what Apple’s dream campus will look like when it’s finally complete, scroll through the massive gallery above.