j.C. Penney

There is no shortage of sales in this digital day and age of gaming. I mean, seriously guys? Another Steam sale? Who needs it? My backlog extends to at least into 2036!

While the luster for digital sales might be waning off, who out there still feels a ping of excitement for a holiday sale of actual, physical games? These are far less frequent, and you can actually hold the items you want to buy in your hands! I feel as giddy as a school boy looking through a J.C. Penney catalog at the peak of Nintendomania reading about these.

Best Buy and Target have announced their video game sales first. Best Buy is offering a “buy one, get one half off” deal for all first-party Nintendo 3DS games, $25 off a Nintendo 3DS XL, and some suave Xbox One deals.

Holiday Sales (2)

Target on the other hand just tosses aside the complicated issues and is offering a “buy two, get one free” sale on all games for the entire week!

Holiday Sales (1)

Remember kids, Christmas is a time for giving, not stockpiling your shelves with games you’ll never play. That being said, it’s still Halloween! Time to shop! What do you want to pick up? I’m pretty much satisfied for this year’s games already, but maybe I’ll tour the options and see if I can snag some old games for cheap. I’m on the market for Metal Gear Rising, Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 REmix, and The Wonderful 101.