Android L won’t get an official release for a few more months, but Google is already working to bring its own apps in line with the new Material Design aesthetic. Today we’re getting a look at an upcoming Google Play redesign that should help bridge the gap between the app’s current look and Android L.

A huge batch of leaked screenshots obtained by Android Police reveal how individual listings should look in the next version of Google Play, thought the site notes it’s possible things could change between now and the official roll-out. Overall, the redesign looks like a huge improvement, adding more colors and larger pictures. The new version of Google Play also adds a bit of dimension to the app store by creating layers of depth in the same way we saw introduced with Material Design last month at Google I/O.

Google Play definitely needs a fresh coat of paint, and based on these leaked screenshots it looks like Google is almost ready to roll-out the new design. It’s possible we won’t see the redesigned app released until Android L hits the market later this year, though hopefully we’ll get an official look at the new online marketplace before then.