Commander Shepard and his crew of wildly assorted aliens will be soaring back to retail shelves once again. EA and BioWare will be bundling the popular sci-fi RPG trilogy into a Mass Effect Trilogy box set on November 6th, and all three games will run for the cheap price of $59.99.

Both the Xbox 360 and PC bundles will be released to coincide what BioWare has dubbed N7 day  "a worldwide celebration of the Mass Effect franchise" on November 7th. Not much is known about what else BioWare has planned for this exciting day besides the trilogy's release, but they've promised "a variety of in-game, online and live events which fans can congregate and fly their N7 colors."

The PlayStation 3 release will be announced at a later date. On the bright side though Sony fans, it will be the first time the entire trilogy will be available on the PlayStation 3. The first Mass Effect can be obtained through both the trilogy or as a separate download.

Mass Effect is the current generation's best original IP, and each game alone was worth the $59.99 admission the first time around. If you've somehow missed out on this brilliant franchise, you've now officially run out of excuses with all three available for the price of one. Clear yourself some time this coming November and join the rest of us in appreciating this stellar series. Play them all chronologically, but expect the most enjoyment to come from Mass Effect 2. It's the best the trilogy has to offer.