Mass Effect

Speaking at PAX East over the weekend, Mass Effect executive producer Casey Hudson hinted of a brand new game underway deep in the halls of BioWare Edmonton.

Where they have the time to work on a new game, I have no idea. BioWare is currently up to their necks with getting Frostbite 2 to run an RPG system for Dragon Age 3 and figuring out how to follow-up on such an expansive universe for the next Mass Effect game.

Even with their hands full, Mass Effect lead designer Preston Watamanuik is working on a "whole new fictional universe." Nothing else is known about the setting, but BioWare already has a high fantasy and science fiction series under their belt. One would hope that BioWare would be able to take a few risks and think of something beyond these two tropes.

With this news, BioWare Edmonton is no longer the driving force behind the Mass Effect franchise. Hudson has taken it to BioWare Montreal to give the franchise a little time to simmer. He has stated that much like Dragon Age 3, Frostbite 2 will be used to power the next entry, and that they are hard at work reinventing the series while still keeping it recognizable.