Chris Schlerf joined BioWare during the second half of 2015 in order to help create Mass Effect: Andromeda. The position he departed? He was the Lead Writer at 343 Industries, the current driver of Halo. He became a Lead Writer at BioWare.

Now? He’s left BioWare and is with Bungie, and Schlerf is working on Destiny.

He announced the news on Twitter to confirm allegations of his departure. It’s true, he’s done with Andromeda. The good news? It seems Schlerf was simply ready to get started on his next project.

Here are the tweets that piece this thing together.

I particularly dig the notion that Schlerf believes that Mass Effect: Andromeda will “blow people away.” I hope he’s right.

One studio’s loss is another’s gain, here. Hopefully, Schlerf did great work for BioWare and is set to deliver a much stronger narrative effort for Bungie.