Mass Effect: Andromeda is loaded with weapons of all shapes, sizes, and destructive capabilities, and, like its predecessors, fans are on the lookout to complete their arsenal. Most have wrapped up their collections at this point, but some have noticed an elusive weapon that has not yet turned up in gameplay.

The rifle in question only turns up in pre-rendered cutscenes, and it is not yet available for play. At least, this is the answer that fans got when they started asking questions on Twitter. Mass Effect: Andromeda's lead designer Ian Frazier says the weapon is called the X5 Ghost, and he further claims that several at BioWare are looking to somehow include it in the game.

I was always a Pistol/Sniper kinda guy

Infiltrator was always my class of choice in the original trilogy, and that means I used pistols and sniper rifles to the very end. No room for shotguns and assault rifles on my belt. I'll take their incapacitating tech abilities over rapid-fire any day.