It doesn’t sound like Mass Effect: Andromeda will feature any crazy, universe bending time warps in order to bring back fan-favorite characters. The new entry in BioWare’s series won’t sport familiar faces.

This comes from BioWare Senior Development Director Chris Wynn as he’s responded to fan questioning on Twitter. When asked about the return of old characters, Wynn was pretty concise.

He’s right. Andromeda takes place far away and long after what went down in the original Mass Effect trilogy. Seeing old folks pop back up, even if their immortal Geth, just doesn’t make sense.

But, who knows? We might see a little reference to the classics here and there just to get fans’ blood pumping. That service stuff is always a hit in the gaming community.

Mass Effect Andromeda is so far out that it doesn’t have a release date yet. It should sell for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms.