Mass Effect: Andromeda is less than two months away. It seems like just yesterday EA was showing us videos of their team working on the game while dancing around showing the game itself. And now, it’s nearly here. Now we have a new trailer showing off more of the Ryder twins’ companions as well as the dangerous-looking new villain, Kett Archon.

With the Ark-like space station carrying humanity stranded in space, the Ryder twins have 20,000 lives depending on them finding a new home regardless of who might stand in their way.

Friends in Space

Along with Kett Archon, we get a peek at some more of the companions. Alongside the Asari Peebee, we see the female Turian Vetra, the human companions Liam and Cora (the Explorer, presumably), as well as the Krogan, Drack. His presence leads to the best line from the trailer: “I don’t need an army – I’ve got a Krogan.”

We still know only scant details about the characters, but BioWare has said in past interviews that they’ve worked on making these characters significantly different from those of the original Mass Effect trilogy, even cutting one because they were too similar. We’re looking forward to meeting these new and presumably fresh characters when Mass Effect: Andromeda releases on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on March 21.