Mass Effect Day came and went over this past weekend, and EA and BioWare took the chance to release a new teaser trailer for the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda. The real story, though, is who they got to guide us into the unknown with a little narration.

Yes, that’s Commander Shepard! The legendary hero who saved the galaxy from the Reapers voices the entire trailer, but sadly, BioWare says you shouldn’t look too much into her cameo here. She will not be appearing in the upcoming Mass Effect game, and this is more of a message from her to fans signing off one last time.

Quite sad, really, but I’m FemShep until the day I die! It’s great to hear that voice one last time, because it was my voice in this excellent science fiction universe. Now, I feel a little lost and have no idea what to expect, but because Shepard says it’s okay, I’ll believe it.

Still, no gameplay or footage of any kind just yet. We’re still waiting for something substantial from BioWare or EA regarding Mass Effect: Andromeda. The game has been kept under surprisingly tight wraps up until this point, and it is totally shrouded in mystery. In fact, I’d say its in my top three most highly-anticipated games at the moment, but I rarely think about it because I only know so little.

EA is going to have to show something sooner or later, because it has a release window of Q4 2016 slapped on it. The weeks leading up to E3 2016 could be very revealing. I can’t wait! Mass Effect was my favorite franchise to emerge from the last generation, and I’m hoping it makes the jump onto the new consoles flawlessly.