Mass Effect: Andromeda comes out in nine days. It’s just nine days until we see if continuing the Mass Effect series was one of BioWare’s best or worst ideas. Excitement is high, and we’re thirsty for details. BioWare has given IGN the “First” look at some of the game’s prominent features. Among them is a tour of Andromeda‘s answer to the Normandy: the Tempest.

If you’re not on full spoiler watch, here’s what’s inside

While this is posed as a tour of the ship, it’s more a tour of the crew inside the ship. As you visit various areas of the ship, like the bridge, cargo hold, R&D terminal and more, you’ll get to meet the members of the team, including the Asari called Peebee, humans Liam and Cora, Drack the Krogan, Vetra the Turian, Jaal the Angaran, and pilot Kallo Jath (voiced by Silicon Valley cast member Kumail Nanjiani). If you’re trying to keep your ears absolutely pure, then you’ll want to skip this video. Otherwise, it’s a good way to whet your appetite for the countless hours of playtime still ahead.

Mass Effect: Andromeda releases on March 21, 2017, on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.