Mass Effect grey

The latest on Mass Effect: Andromeda comes from Creative Director Mac Walters speaking with Games Radar, explaining how the series has evolved on the morality front. The original Paragon/Renegade system in Mass Effect failed to leave an impression on me to the point where I forgot it existed, and the weakness of such black and white options proves how little we understood gaming morality at the time.

In actuality, BioWare has learned over time that there are more than two ways to solve a situation, and it now believes that the series needs quite a few more shades of gray. How many? Don't ask.

I think in general, with all this sophistication of games or engaging in any kind of entertainment right now, [gamers are] looking for more of those shades of grey.

Walters continued, saying that the old system "was a core part of who Shepard was," but the newest ideas in Andromeda are "moving away from that."

We've been looking for other ways to engage more of those shades of grey; less about it being obviously being right or wrong and more about giving people a sense of choice.

Mass Effect's Paragon/Renegade system was a leftover from an early age, and BioWare is correct in evolving beyond the standards set by Knights of the Old Republic. Such limitations of "be the good guy" or "be the bad guy" have no place if we are going back to touting the idea of "choice" in our games. In that case, there are no shades of grey. Either tell a great story and drag me through it with a leash or give me the freedom to do anything I choose.

You know, just like you promised before the first game came out.

Expect more information on Mass Effect Andromeda on Nov. 7. The game will be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.