Mass Effect Andromeda isn’t exactly the start of a new trilogy. The story continues after the events of Mass Effect 3. We’re not sure how closely they’re connected, but they are.

Speaking with Game Informer in a rapid-fire video about Mass Effect Andromeda, Creative Director Mac Walters was asked if saves from the previous game will carry forward. He wouldn’t say, and that non-comment gives me some hope.

Not that I won’t buy the game without the ability to bring my history with the series forward, please don’t misinterpret that. I just love the idea that BioWare might build Andromeda in such a way that it feels the effects of my choices in the Milky Way.

Mass Effect has always been about your personal touch

That’s the point of this series, right? Oh, sure, the characters, the storytelling the actual gameplay is typically strong. Mass Effect, however, has always been about player agency. I hope that BioWare is developing Mass Effect Andromeda to continue that trend.

It would be cool.

Mass Effect Andromeda is due to release next year on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.