There’s a new patch out for all versions of Mass Effect: Andromeda that addresses one of the loudest complaints gamers have regarding the game: it fixes how faces look. Patch 1.05 does some good work, and the most noticeable changes come from the eyes on characters.

When you make a video game with people-like characters, the closer you get to realism the more likely it is to widen that uncanny valley. The biggest potential point of dissonance? The eyes. When a character’s eyes look out of whack, players react quickly. 1.05 makes things look better.

These shots come largely from the Mass Effect subreddit as players discussed the changes and how much better they make each character look.

But wait, there’s video evidence as well!

What about that gloriously terrible “my face is tired” moment that comes up early in the game? Yes, friends, that’s been fixed as well. The scene features not only better-looking eyes, lighting and characters in general, but also a new set of animations.

Thank. Goodness. I still don’t get the “my face is tired” bit, but the scene works better.

I intend to fire up my game later today to see if I can stand it now. Until today, it’s been rough going.