As many had guessed, Mass Effect: Andromeda’s “multiplayer tech test” will no longer be held before the game launches at the end of next month. BioWare is in crunch mode to get the full game up and running, and they are focusing on other components right now.

BioWare Producer Fernando Melo made the announcement on his Twitter account. He also stated that the multiplayer is just fine, trying to put to bed worries that it will be broken when it launches, and he confirmed that it will still be playable at PAX East next week.

Just as long as we don’t have a Battlefield 4 meltdown

Already, fears caused by EA’s previous multiplayer launches are spreading. Battlefield 4, Sim City. Each of those games launched without a proper beta test, and let’s just say the results weren’t what we would have liked. We hope that BioWare has its multiplayer up and running perfectly for launch on March 21, and we’re pretty sure it will. If it doesn’t, at least this game will have a single-player campaign to fall back on.

Don’t expect that to be a consolation for some. Mass Effect: Andromeda will be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on March 21.