Mass Effect 3’s controversial endings will not be playing a direct role in the story for the new Mass Effect: Andromeda. Speaking with Eurogamer, BioWare boss Aaryon Flynn and Mass Effect creative lead Mac Walters stated that they want to get a fresh start with the series’ latest entry.

We acknowledged it in the endings of Mass Effect 3 and I think that’s where we want to leave it for now. We want this to be a new story and it would be very hard to say it’s a new story but also that you need to understand how [the past trilogy] ended.

The pair claims that because the game takes place beyond the borders of the Milky Way Galaxy, the consequences will not be felt.

Of course, some decisions would certainly affect the new characters, though. One of Mass Effect 3’s “press this button” endings made all living beings turn into synthesized lifeforms. Flynn confirmed that this choice will not continue into the new game.

There are no green-skinned people. To be clear.

However, the fate of the Geth also remains in limbo, and who’s to say if there can be a Geth on the new crew or not? These endings were not geographical alone, and plenty of questions still remain. BioWare didn’t reveal enough at E3 2016 to make any definitive statements.

Instead, it delivered just promises of a clean slate and enough imagery to ping your memory.

It’s important for us to have elements from the Trilogy for fans to have in the background. Ultimately this is intended to be a fresh story, but we want to have things for people to find and go ‘oh, I remember that character’.

There’s a coalition [of Milky Way races]. We needed to find a way to make sure certain species you’re familiar with come along with you on your journey to meet new ones. As in the tradition of Mass Effect, there will be certain people working together happily, and certain people working together less happily.

We’ll have to wait for more information. Flynn states that development is progressing as planned, but we won’t see anymore of the game until November 7, the game’s defacto “N7 anniversary” date.