The trailer above aired during last night's showing of The Walking Dead on AMC. BioWare and EA have released it officially for viewing online. Enjoy.

The way the Mass Effect campaign worked out until now has Shepard back on Earth during the Reaper invasion. The marketing tag for the release of this title has gamers "Take Back Earth." Of course, the Mass Effect franchise dictates we'll be doing a lot more than battling Reapers from cover on this third rock from the sun.

We'll be all over the galaxy, collecting crew and assembling a team worthy of winning a war.

This trailer was originally teased with another trailer that released towards the middle of last week. My favorite thing about this whole trailer? It's actually a teaser for an extended cut that's due to release tommorow, February 21st.

Trailers for trailers for trailers for, call me crazy here, a video game. Love it.

Mass Effect 3 launches for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC platforms on March 6th, 2012. You can download the demo today on your platform of choice; it includes two single player sections and a taste of the multiplayer. The Xbox 360 version includes full Kinect support for those that want to try it.

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