Prepare to strap in as Commander Shepard one more time in the Mass Effect universe as EA and BioWare's Mass Effect 3 is set to release on March 6th, 2012. The newest 'Fall of Earth' trailer drops and gives us a glimpse of gameplay involving new weaponry, melee combat, enemies, locales, size and scope.

Mass Effect 3 looks enormous. The E3 buzz and subsequent trailers and screenshots have all pointed towards the enormity of BioWare's third effort in the series. It's clear that the company is looking to make Mass Effect 3 the biggest, most bombastic and epic chapter in their tale. The Reapers are bound for Earth and Shepard's going to have to do all that he or she can to bring the genocidists to their knees. Did I just make up a word? Possibly.

One of the biggest changes to Shepard's arsenal, as depicted in the closing moments of each of the latest trailers, is his new method of melee. He has this weird, energy-based blade sticking out of his right hand. He's shown using it as a fierce, close-quartered weapon in a few segments. It looks, if I'm being completely honest, badass. That said, as a Mass Effect fan, I'm already considering which class would make the most out of a vicious new melee weapon.

Can you imagine rushing in on a group of Geth and tearing them to shreds with whatever it is that springs out of your forearm? We'll have to wait until next March to see exactly how awesome that moment will be for ourselves.

Who else is psyched for the next Mass Effect?