ME3WeaponsThe latest DLC from BioWare's popular RPG shooter Mass Effect 3 is now available.

The Firefight Pack will bring the most popular guns from the game's robust multiplayer into the main campaign, overpowering Shepard and his wayward crew even more. All in all, seven guns can be purchased including "the Indra and Krysae sniper rifles, Reegar Carbine, Harrier battle rifle, Geth SMG, plus an all-new Blood Pack Punisher SMG and Adas Anti-Synthetic rifle."

BioWare claims the pack has been made available due to popular demand from the fanbase, and BioWare is all about keeping their fans happy and saving face after the Mass Effect 3 ending fiasco.

"The community asked, and we responded"

The next DLC available later this summer will be the Leviathan DLC, a new mission where Shepard uncovers hints about the origin of the Reapers.

The Firefight Pack is available now from 160 MS Points from Xbox Live or $2 on PlayStation Network and PC releases.

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