Mass-Effect-3-Omega-DLC1-e1350043291847Months after its release and BioWare is still chugging along on this Mass Effect 3 train, fully supporting this game to the very bitter end. The game's next paid DLC, Omega, will land on November 27th across all platforms and will be double the size of the game's other DLC packages.

Omega puts players in the shoes of Aria, the cold blooded Asari information mogul, as she competes for domination over the derelict space station. In a video interview taken at the New York Comic Con, producer Mike Gamble broke the release date and the pricing point of 1200 MS Points or $15.

It's great to see BioWare sticking with the series after wrapping it up. Just this week, their free Retaliation DLC completely overhauled the multiplayer by adding new races, environmental hazards, and mutliplayer challenges. Now with the single player campaign DLC, BioWare can continue to expand on their popular science fiction universe even well beyond the story they had originally intended to tell.

Aria always was an interesting character who never got too much of a chance to shine, sitting at her private booth in the Afterlife Club. It'll be a nice diversion from defending the universe from Reaper invasion to see how she intimidates an entire space station into submission.

[via Joystiq]

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