If you're an Xbox 360 gamer with a Silver account on Xbox LIVE, you now have a brand new reason to download the demo for Mass Effect 3. This demo includes with it a glimpse into both the single player campaign and the multiplayer side of the game.

Normally, Silver members wouldn't be able to access the multiplayer features on a demo as that's limited to Gold account levels. However, in order to make the demo fully playable, Microsoft will upgrade any Silver account that downloads the Mass Effect 3 demo to Gold until the game releases on March 6th. The demo releases on February 14th.

So, that means that by downloading and playing the Mass Effect 3 demo on your Xbox 360 with a Silver account, you'll effectively get almost a full month of Gold access for free.

Gold access will let you play games with friends and give you the chance to use premium apps; Netflix, Hulu Plus, Facebook (does anyone use this on their Xbox 360?) and access to the Deal of the Week (which, right now, is Bastion for half-off its normal price).

The same demo will be made available for both the PlayStation 3 and PC platforms, but nothing special happens upon downloading or playing it with either system. Both platforms offer free ways to play games together, so this whole upgrade business isn't necessary.

Even if you're a Silver Xbox LIVE member who hates Mass Effect, downloading the demo for the third in the franchise is certainly do-able given the free upgrade to Gold. You can actually play games with, wait for it, other people! Plus, Bastion is really good.

[via Giant Bomb]

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