One final run for Shepard and his loyal crew. The last of the Mass Effect 3 DLC packs is being released, ending an impressive five year run of what has to be the highlight of this cycle of HD consoles. What better way to spend it than with old friends?

Shepard gets an unexpected shore leave on the Citadel, Mass Effect's main intergalactic hub, to clear his head and get focused for his upcoming suicide mission against the Reapers. Naturally, terrorists raid the Citadel with the intent of killing Shepard, but in the process, they unwittingly reunite him with all the surviving members of his crew from the entire trilogy.

It's one last hurrah for one of the best developed and well liked group of space soldiers ever to grace a video game, and with loads of dramatic science fiction action and a touching nostalgic look at the last five years, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Mass Effect: Citadel will be available today through Xbox 360, PlayStation Network, and PCs for $14.99 or 1200 MS Points. The Xbox 360 version must be downloaded through two separate files, just to show how big this is going to be.