Marvel’s Defenders is nearly here. The show hits in just a bit less than a month. What’s here right now, though, is San Diego Comic-Con, and that means new trailers for every show ever. This new trailer for Defenders doesn’t have much to go on – just a scant few seconds of new footage.


What it does have, though, is Stan Lee. Lee has appeared in pretty much every Marvel film in the last decade or so. When it comes to Netflix, though, his cameos have been relegated to appearances on posters and picture frames in the background. Here, Lee narrates the trailer and gives the freshly-formed team some much-needed gravitas. For a moment, watching this trailer, I felt like I was watching those old Marvel cartoons where Stan Lee would chime in at the beginning or end to give us the back story on the character. Here, he reminds us of the core ideals behind the Defenders. That these heroes are human – imperfect and vulnerable, but still heroes. Despite my frustration with Iron Fist, Lee almost single-handedly has me excited for this show again.

And hey, stick around until the end. This is a Marvel video, right? Of course there’s a stinger. Marvel’s Defenders hits Netflix on August 18, 2017.