Marvel Studios wasn't kidding when it suggested a Black Widow movie would be made. According to The Hollywood Reporter, not only is the studio moving forward with the film, but a director has been hired.

The report claims Cate Shortland, who previously directed Lore and Berlin Syndrome, recently signed on after months conversation. Marvel reportedly met with nearly 80 directors before hiring Shortland—the studio made it a priority to hire a female filmmaker, the report says.

Apparently, Black Widow herself Scarlet Johansson lobbied for Marvel to hire Shortland because of the director's work on Lore. Although her resume is short, Shortland has earned a strong reputation among critics and has the admiration of Hollywood elite.

The eventual release of Black Widow will mark Marvel's second female-led movie after 20 straight movies focusing on the franchise's popular male super heroes. Black Widow will join Brie Larson's Captain Marvel, whose standalone movie will debut on March 8, 2019.

Marvel Studios has taken flack over the past several years for failing to make a female-led film. Even the DCEU has Wonder Woman, with a sequel already slated to hit theaters next year.

Few details about Black Widow's movie are known at this point, but rumors suggest it'll take place before the events of the Avengers and focus on the character's time as a spy.