I may or may not have been part of a group of students who, rather than actually working on Computer Science projects, elected to install MAME on the computers in the computer lab. Further, I may or may not have been party to the pool of nerds and ne'er do wells who sought out ROMs for both Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes for daily play.

Admission of guilt: I totally was involved in both of those things. That might explain why I'm writing about games today instead of making them (sniffle).

While today's Marvel vs. Capcom fans may remember the sequel that had a home on the Dreamcast as their first foray into the franchise, I can say with confidence that I played the ever loving crap out of the original titles with a crappy two-players-on-one-keyboard setup during free periods in high school. I loved these games.

Now, Capcom has announced their HD upgrading and eventual launch on the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade this September. The ports will feature challenge modes, online gameplay and spectator replays. Hopefully, they won't find a way to charge for alternate costumes.

I don't know if I'll be able to play them with a regular controller. How's that for a plight?