I know what you’re thinking: “More Age of Ultron coverage?” We’ve been bombarded with news, trailers and character posters for the movie over the past several months, all leading up to what is one of the more anticipated movies in recent memory. On Wednesday, rather than a new clip or remixed trailer, Marvel has released several behind-the-scenes shots from the film, giving us a close look at several key characters, including Ulysses Klaw.

There’s not much we can discern from these images plot-wise; we get a shot of Baron von Strucker, who plays an important part, along with James Rhodes, who plays as War Machine. We actually got to see several of these actors in the flesh at the Age of Ultron premiere on Monday, which was a completely surreal experience.

In Age of Ultron, the Avengers crew must do battle against Ultron (James Spader), a diabolical robot set on completely terminating the human race. It’s always fun to get a look in front and behind the camera—that shot of James Spader and Robert Downey Jr. having a conversation is a particular favorite of mine.

Check the pictures out, and prepare yourself for Age of Ultron’s May 1 release.