What you need to know

  • Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige partook in his first ever Reddit AMA.
  • He answered fans most burning questions about the MCU and its future.
  • He even revealed what is his favorite MCU-inspired meme.
  • Sadly, he did not reveal any news of Phase 4 other than confirming more info is on its way soon.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, the architect of the far-reaching Marvel Cinematic Universe, held his first Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything). This gave fans an opportunity to ask the mind behind Marvel movies some of their most burning questions, like inquiring about the future of the MCU.

Feige did not go so far as to answer that question unfortunately, but his AMA was filled other amazing answers that truly pulled back the veil on the MCU. We've known about some of the history for a while, but there were some answers that were truly candid. For instance, he first realized how successful the MCU franchise could be with the opening weekend of the first Avengers. That, if you don't remember, broke all kinds of records at the time, realizing this crazy interconnected universe idea for the studio could work. And it did.

He also opened up about other things like the planning of the MCU. He confirmed that at any given point, there is at least a five-year plan laid out, but often times it extends much further than that. That means Marvel Studios already knows the movies it'll release in 2024, if not further, it's just choosing not to tell us.

Some of the toughest obstacles that came his way was pitching radical ideas like making Captain America: The First Avenger a period WWII movie and casting Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man.

Here are some of his answers to other questions.

How early was the plot of Infinity War/Endgame being planned out?

We started discussing how to adapt the Infinity Gauntlet comic soon after the release of the first Avengers. It was on one of our creative retreats about 5 years ago that we decided to do it as two films. We started to crack the specifics of the story during production on Civil War with Chris Markus and Stephen McFeely, Joe and Anthony Russo, in a conference room as we went back and forth between takes.

Do you have any creative regrets with the MCU?

I made a joke once about regretting dying Chris Hemsworth eyebrows blonde for the first Thor, but the truth is it's everything in those films and all the little details: the perfect ones and not so perfect ones, that carried us through to the experience of Endgame. Therefore, I wouldn't change a thing.

Did Stan Lee get to watch Avengers: Endgame?

Stan loved to wait to see the final movie at the premiere, so unfortunately he did not get to see the finished movie. Stan got a download of the full story the day he came and shot his cameo.

Who is someone that's yet to appear in the MCU you are itching to introduce?

You'll know soon enough.

Who is your favorite Marvel character that isn't in the current MCU?

I never play favorites, but there are many Marvel characters that I've loved for many years that are heading to the MCU soon, but I can't be more specific than that. Sorry!

These characters could come to the MCU very soon

How much will the Disney+ shows weave into the films?

Totally and completely.

One of the best moments in the AMA came when Feige confirmed his favorite MCU meme is the Tony Stark eye roll. Also, the version of Hulk we see in Avengers: Endgame is known as "Smart Hulk," not Professor Hulk as many refer to him given his connection to that specific comic book storyline.

We weren't surprised, but Feige did not get into detail about Phase 4 for the MCU. He was very cryptic on this point, saying only that Marvel will release information soon enough. That is disappointing but we understand why he has to keep things close to the chest.