Danny Rand (Finn Jones) is not having a good life—at least according to this first-look teaser of the upcoming Netflix show. First, as a young boy, Danny is involved in a brutal airplane crash. Then, he arrives in New York City years later… and immediately finds himself strapped to a gurney.

Luckily, he can summon the power of the Iron Fist, making a quick escape from whatever institution he’s in.

Here’s Marvel’s official description of Iron Fist:

Danny Rand returns to New York City, after being missing for years, to fight corruption with a proficiency in kung-fu and the ability to call upon the power of the Iron Fist.

Filming for Iron Fist only just begun in April, so it should be a while until the show debuts. With Luke Cage set for the end of September, I would guess we’ll see Danny Rand sometime in early 2017; followed, of course, by Marvel’s The Defenders later in the year.