Remember, so many years ago, when we were naive? When Daredevil was a new, strange show from Netflix, full of possibility? That episode-2 hallway fight was fresh and exciting, and bode well for the future collaborations between Marvel and Netflix. Now, eons later, we’ve seen so many hallway fights. We’ve watched Daredevil fight in hallways, we’ve watched Luke Cage fight in hallways. We’ve watched Danny Rand, the Immortal Iron Fist, Protector of K’un-L’un, Sworn Enemy of the Hand fight in hallways. The beautiful people over at the Joel McHale Show spotted this, and had to poke fun at it before Luke Cage season 2 hits and gives us our latest. Enter Hallway Fight, the latest not-actually-real show from Netflix:

The Joel McHale Show really nails all the core components of these hallway fights. The weird, yellow lighting is accented by flickering fluorescent lights. Mirrors at either end of the corridor make it look like it goes on forever. Parts of it, of course, are randomly under construction. There’s a super-smart hacker buddy, a stairwell scene, some Russian, and perhaps most importantly, a ninja. And at 12 episodes, it’s far longer than it needs to be. I really just described Daredevil, and it just so happens to work with Hallway Fights.

On top of that, there are some great celebrity cameos. I don’t want to reveal who the ninja is, but it’s worth the wait.