age of ultron

Google is being forced to reveal the identify of whomever leaked the Age of Ultron trailer early after it was posted to Google Drive. Marvel and its parent company, Disney, are obviously not happy with what transpired at the end of October, and it wants to find the person responsible before any additional damage is done. The trailer was originally planned to air during an episode of Agents of SHIELD, but instead it was leaked a full week early. In response, Marvel put the official trailer up on YouTube, and even made light of the situation by posting “Damn you, Hydra” on Twitter.

You can get caught up on every last important detail about the trailer below:

A federal judge granted Marvel’s request for a subpoena, which will give Google no choice but to hand the leaker’s information over. Once that happens, and if that person is found, there’s no doubt Marvel and Disney will seek swift and unbridled justice. Leaking anything for such a big blockbuster is huge—imagine if the person leaked more footage? Catastrophic.

When the trailer was uploaded to Google Drive, it was associated with a “John Gazelle;” Marvel is asking Google to hand over all information related to Mr. Gazelle, including address(es), name(s), email address(es) and so forth. The subpoena applies to all Google accounts attached to John Gazelle, including YouTube and even Google+. Google will have to appear in court on Nov. 18 to provide Marvel with the requested information.

Whoever John Gazelle is, he (or she?) will no doubt want to make themselves scarce in the next week, because it sure sounds like Marvel is preparing to “Hulk smash” once it gets its hands on Google’s information.