We’ve seen enough of Apple’s budget iPhone to know that it’ll come in multiple colors, probably blue, green, yellow, red and white. Think along the lines of Apple’s iPod lineup; colors have always been part of the company’s culture, and that will finally filter down to its immensely popular iPhone line. And it could look pretty darn nice.

At this point, the fact that it’ll come with a more rounded plastic back, 4-inch display and cheaper price tag isn’t really up for debate. But since nothing is official, we only have supposed leaks and wonderful renders to base our reports off of. Martin Hajek, who never ceases to amaze with his renders, has taken a crack at what he refers to as the iPhone lite. It has a ring to it.

Hajek’s renders are based on what’s been leaked so far: reworked speaker grille, rounded edges, single LED flash (as opposed to the iPhone 5S’s reported dual-LED). We wouldn’t be surprised if Apple very closely follows how Hajek has presented the colorful bunch in his site mockup. “Add a bit of colour to your life,” it says. Don’t mind if I do.

Apple will likely talk about the low-cost iPhone in Sept., right alongside the iPhone 5S. The current design of the iPhone 5 (and probably the iPhone 5S) wins out on premium looks. But the more colorful versions are by no means a slouch in the design department.