Just yesterday we saw a supposed roadmap that unveiled when Samsung’s top phones will get Android Marshmallow, and now images of the update have leaked via XDA. It appears Samsung is making some visual changes to more openly accept the look and feel of Google’s Material design, which is a good sign. But it might be the performance benefits that make the biggest difference.

XDA user Mario Tomás Serrafero got his hands on an early Note 5 Marshmallow update, and took some screenshots to compare how the TouchWiz UI is being tweaked. But it’s the benchmark scores that might turn heads. According to the screenshots provided by Serrafero, the Note 5 performs better after the update, scoring higher in both multi-core and single-core tests. Serrafero said performance “feels like a dream.”

Around the UI, the images display a cleaner UI overall—Serrafero said there are new animations and “instant responsiveness” all around. “The multitasking menu, in particular, feels and looks smoother,” he said. Serrafero also said the lock screen opens much quicker, and there’s a new ability to fully customize shortcuts.

Serrafero warns that the build he tried on his Note 5 likely isn’t final, so improvements could be made ahead of Marshmallow’s rumored December rollout. Based on the performance improvements alone it looks like Samsung Galaxy owners are in for a treat. The new UI tweaks don’t look half bad either.