A new project, known as Mars One, will shuttle you to the neighboring planet, but not back. The nonprofit said on Tuesday it's accepting video applications up through July, and will begin weeding out candidates for a journey scheduled in 2023. For now, the Netherlands-based company plans on landing four astronauts onto the Red Planet.

Would-be space travelers will also need to send in a monetary amount (up to $25) so it's not inundated with false applications. In addition, the money raised from people who enter will be put toward the selection process and "technology studies," said.

"We expect a million applications with 1-minute videos, and hopefully some of those videos will go viral, Mars One co-founder and chief executive officer Bas Lansdorp said. The company said so far 45,000 people are signed up for its mailing list, and 10,000 people have already expressed interest in going to Mars. More information on the project is expected to be unveiled on April 22 in New York City.

The company says it needs around $6 billion to make the mission happen, and will cover the development of landing systems, habitats, Mars Transit Vehicle, solar array and other technologies. Once the crew does touch down, they'll live on a colony, but not before Mars One—no joke—begins a reality TV project to allow viewers to vote who goes to Mars. The revenue brought in from that will also help raise money for the undertaking.

Mars One is accepting video applications from anyone 18-years-old and up. There are currently no plans to shuttle people back from Mars should the project even get that far. Once folks are there, however, Mars One will send supply landers to the colony—those alone are expected to cost $250 million. If everything goes according to plan, and funding keeps coming in, the project will send four more people to Mars every two years.