Google's Wildfire acquisition did more than just put a major Facebook ad partner under the tech giant's umbrella — it also scooped up a Wildfire junior product manager with a super interesting pedigree. Her name? Arielle Zuckerberg. Yep, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's younger sister is now a Googler. Awkward!

Word has it, Mark tried unsuccessfully to recruit his little sis in the past. But instead of following in the footsteps of older sister, Randi, who did join the social network's consumer marketing division, the computer science graduate decided to go her own way. Not only did Arielle embark on a career at Wildfire, but she tried to get into the Y Combinator accelerator program with Change The Ratio founder and Mediaite Editor-At-Large Rachel Sklar last year — just after the littler Zuckerberg critiqued Facebook's design changes on her personal blog.

Now, with her gig at big brother's main competition, the stage is set for a sibling rivalry of epic proportions. (I would love to a be fly on the wall at the next family shindig. That's gonna be a lively event.)

(via Business Insider)