Mark Zuckerberg marries Priscilla Chan

You turned 28 on Monday. You listed your company in one of the largest IPOs in history on Friday. Why not cap the week by marrying your girlfriend of nearly a decade?

According to reports from guests at the simple ceremony hosted at Mark Zuckerberg's home, no one quite knew what was about to happen.  Priscilla Chan had graduated medical school last week from University of California, San Francisco, and guests were informed they were attending a graduation part for her.  It wasn't until the fewer than 100 guests arrived at the party that they were informed that it was going to be a wedding between the two.

The event was kept very low key, and although a truck from Hartmann Studios – a company known for arranging high-end parties and weddings – was spotted in Zuckerberg's driveway on Friday by Forbes, no one thought twice of it, figuring it was an event to celebrate the IPO that launched on Friday.

As one would expect, both Zuckerberg and Chan have updated their relationship status on Facebook to reflect their new marriage.

[image credit Facebook]