Mario Sunshine in Splatoon

This can’t be real, can it? No. Maybe? Yes? No. Stop.

Amiibo News‘ Twitter account fired off a tweet suggesting that their readers and followers have been submitting a scoop quite a bit this morning. The scoop is pretty simple. It’s an image of a Mario amiibo that, suggestively, unlocks a playable Mario Sunshine character in Splatoon.

Yes, very cool. We’re also super skeptical of this.

It looks like, if genuine, this announcement will start with Nintendo of Japan. It would absolutely be an awesome crossover as most of us have joked that Splatoon and Super Mario Sunshine exist in the same universe.

Then again, these Nintendo rumors have been pretty insane from time to time. Remember the Rayman in Smash fake? That one was exceptional. It was also super illegitimate.

Take this with a grain of salt. Maybe Nintendo will announce it at E3; however, if they don’t, consider this a fan-made dupe, have a laugh and move on.