Ubisoft dropped a fresh trailer for the upcoming Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle crossover due for the Nintendo Switch later this month. You’ll find the clip at the base of this post.

The trailer focuses specifically on Mario and what he brings to the table in this odd, wonderful and clearly brimming with personality adventure.

This thing really feels like a Nintendo flavored XCOM experience, and that’s somehow something that I’m exceptionally excited for. I adore turn-based tactical strategy games. Dating back decades now, it’s a genre that I find myself getting lost in over and over again. I can safely say that I never expected Nintendo to let a company like Ubisoft do this with Mario.

Yet, here we are, staring at a game that looks like a whacky and wild blend of Mario and the Rabbids for the Nintendo Switch. What’s more, it actually looks really, really good.

Think back to January or February of this year when we were sort of recounting the titles bound for the Switch and whether or not we thought they’d be any good. We had the likes of Zelda, Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, right? Did we even consider Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle? I mean, it wasn’t really confirmed back then, standing simply as a leak and rumor…

Even as it was initially announced and started to leak ahead of its big reveal, I know I personally wrote this thing off. I think I was wrong to do that. This game looks amazing.

Dig into the trailer below. Mario +Rabbids Kingdom Battle launches for the Nintendo Switch on August 29, 2017.

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