Every time we see it, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle looks more and more like the real deal. At E3 2017, we all laughed at its lightheartedly insane take on the Super Mario universe, but we ultimately didn't see all that much gameplay.

A new gameplay trailer fixes that and further confirms that those Super Mario XCOM jokes aren't exactly far from the truth. There's plenty of diving behind cover and shooting across tactical battlefields here, and the maps have lots of fun obstacles that bring a certain "Mario flair" to it all.

The best is the opening segment when Luigi has to jump through some Super Mario 3D World pipes to get into position and blast an opera singing Rabbid. Never thought I would describe gameplay in that way, but there you are.

Hands-on impressions around the net are also reporting that the game is far better than many are expecting. Indeed, most reactions can best be described as shock.

Who knew? Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will be released for the Nintendo Switch on Aug. 29.

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