Mario Maker is already a project of enormous potential, one that could offer hours of entertainment whether you are looking to create your own stages or experience others'. Sounds a lot like LittleBigPlanet to me, but I plan on doing a lot of the latter, because I know absolutely nothing about creating clever game design

Hey, who knows? It could even turn out to be a decent teacher.

With all of the hype surrounding making great Mario levels, I never thought we'd see some of the ridiculous creations Nintendo has for us in this newest trailer. Some of these sadistic torture traps border on the insanity of Japanese "bullet hell" SHMUPS. There is just so much creativity, planning, and twitch timing going on in these designs, but most likely it's because these were developed by the experts at Nintendo for a trailer.

I'm wondering how the fan scene is going to respond.

In other news, Nintendo has realized that if you want to make a Mario game celebrating its eternally excellent level design, then you have to make it look like the best that the franchise has to offer. When you want to talk about 2D Mario level design, there really is nothing left to discuss outside of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World, the peaks of the franchise. The addition of their aesthetics alone takes this package to a new level of excellent.

Which one is better is up for debate, but whatever side you fall on, you have to admit its hard to find more perfect 2D platformers out there than these two. Psst, it's Super Mario World by the way.

Mario Maker continues to hold a 2015 launch date, so keep your calendars open. I'm really hoping Nintendo turns this into a franchise and carries it over into The Legend of Zelda. I want to make my own 8-bit dungeons!