Nintendo has released a brand new gameplay trailer for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, the next brotherly RPG bound for the Nintendo 3DS.

The Mario & Luigi series makes up some of my favorite portable RPG titles of all time. Bowsers Inside Story and Superstar Saga were both incredible, and it’s because of this series’ history that I’m expecting such great things from Dream Team.

So far, everything looks like it’s in place for another slam dunk. The standard Mario RPG elements are obviously there, and the dream layer of this game will make for some silly mechanics. How will it stand up to the series’ typical 20 to 25 hours in length remains to be seen.

While Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is set to hit Europe, Australia and Japan towards the middle of July, North America won’t see the title on their Nintendo 3DS handhelds until August 11th, 2013.

The wait between Japanese launch dates makes sense; however, the wait between the Europe and Australia dates does not. Enjoy your early access, folks. We’ll just be here… waiting. Is this how it feels?

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